“Dr. Feinberg: Just wanted to say that the kindness and professionalism of you and your staff helped to make my eye surgery a success. I am confident in your knowledge and skills as a physician.” -G.B.


“This was the best eye exam I had in 84 years!” -D.C.


“Dr. Khator: Your kindness has been of great assistance to my family and me, while improving the quality of health to me.” -I.E.


“Dr. Gabianelli: Thank you so much for your wonderful work on my eyes last Friday. I am able to see so clearly, and suffered almost no side effects, it’s a wonder I did not visit you sooner. You have really made me so happy, and for that, I am more than grateful.” -J.S.


“…this eye procedure has changed my life. I’ve been wanting this for so long and thanks to you, one of my wishes came true.” -K


“Thank you so much for your patience with me and providing me with 1st class care. I’m extremely happy with the service you provided to me. I’m happy with the decision that I made and your caring staff members that made it easy for me.” -D.W.


“Everyone I met at Georgia Eye Partners was extremely professional and courteous. I was treated with the utmost respect and care and I truly felt that my health was the primary focus. In these difficult times it is rare to find a practice where the first priority is so clearly the care of the patients above all. I appreciate everything you have done for me so far and I look forward to being under your care from now on.” -A.W.


“Thank you for the miraculous and wonderful gift of vision! I’ve never experienced better or more attentive medical care.” -B.B.


“My experience with Dr. Feinberg and his staff at Georgia Eye Partners was flawless from start to finish,” said Harris. “They were helpful, informative, and supportive throughout the entire process. As a professional athlete and someone who was dealing with an astigmatism in my right eye, this surgery was an extremely big decision. I felt it could really benefit my long range shooting, in addition to day to day activities. My recovery was quick, my vision is superb, and I am feeling great and looking forward to continued excellent results. I can’t thank everyone at Georgia Eye Partners enough for making this an easy and pleasant experience!”—Devin Harris


“I wore glasses and contacts for 22 years. Not only was my vision still impaired, but the maintenance of glasses and contacts was difficult for someone like me who’s outside a lot and on the road frequently. Even with long wear contacts I was ending up leaving them in longer than I should have, getting infections, horrible dryness, and general irritation. I can attest that guys, especially, are just not good at this!

I am glad that my optometrist, Dr. Laura Depoe, referred me to Dr. Gabianelli at Georgia Eye Partners. I was always curious about the procedure, but very hesitant because of the importance of my eyes in my career as a baseball player. When I spoke with Dr. Gabianelli, he explained everything to me and helped me feel at ease. When I learned that he had performed thousands of these procedures and I understood his experience, I knew I was in good hands.

Before the surgery I was seeing 20/20 with contacts. Now I see 20/15 with no aid – this is better than my vision has ever been. Not having to deal with contacts, glasses, dryness, irritation, and eye strain is a huge relief. It’s changed my life.

And, the recovery time was much shorter than I even realized. Immediately after the procedure, I opened my eyes and Dr. Gabianelli said “Kyle, look at the clock on the wall and tell me what time it is,” and I was shocked that I was able to – never before had I been able to see at that distance without glasses or contacts.

I think most people with glasses don’t even know what they’re missing. It’s hard to even grasp the clarity of vision you were missing out on when you’ve gone your whole life without it. For me, Lasik was definitely worth it – I put my career on the line when I elected to have surgery on my eyes, and the payoff ended up being huge.”—Kyle Davies



“The hassle of wearing eyeglasses and contacts is a lifestyle of my past. Growing up with eye sight issues, it was my only option to be able to drive, study and play baseball. The glasses and contacts routine was an ongoing chore for over 10 years. While it was an annoyance, I was constantly dealing with irritation, dryness and other contact issues. The strain on my eyes without contacts or glasses was unbearable.

Thankfully, I learned about the option of eye surgery and the LASIK operation at Georgia Eye Partners. I qualified and fit the bill for “fixable” eyes. My doctor assured me the procedure would only benefit me. I felt comfortable going into the operation, as Dr. Gabianelli exuded confidence and is surely an expert in the field.

With the LASIK operation I recently received, I can see clearly without the need of glasses or contact lenses. The operation was simple and painless and the recovery was surprisingly very quick. It’s better than anything I could have imagined. In just a few short weeks, I can see better than before, and everyday it only gets better. Before the surgery, I could see 20/20 with contacts. One day after the procedure I could read 20/15.

Dr. Gabianelli was incredibly professional and accommodating. His staff at Georgia Eye Partners went above and beyond my expectations. I have more confidence in what I do now and look forward to daily activities using my eyes.

Waking up in the morning to a shockingly clear world is something I cherish now that I had the LASIK surgery. The procedure and its outcome have been life changing. If anyone ever asks if they would benefit from LASIK, my answer is yes and I know the place to go. I couldn’t have imagined my experience any other way.” —Spencer Kieboom


“I recently had cataract surgery with CrystaLens implants in both eyes at Georgia Eye Partners. I evaluated eye surgeons for almost a year before finding Dr. Andrew Feinberg and Georgia Eye Partners.

I was impressed from the moment I walked into the Midtown office. The receptionist was friendly and polite. I waited less than 15 minutes before being called back for the most comprehensive series of tests I had ever experienced from any other eye surgeon. All of the tests were administered by friendly and professional technicians.

After the tests, I met with Dr. Feinberg, and within just a few minutes I knew he was the right surgeon for me. He answered all my questions and eased my anxiety about the procedure while being careful to ensure my expectations were realistic.

The surgery went very well and was actually a rather relaxing experience. Everyone was friendly and professional, from the surgical coordinator to the nurses and anesthesiologists. They were especially attentive to the elderly. The surgical results were far better than I expected, and I have had no complications. It is apparent that the professionalism and competence of Dr. Feinberg sets the tone for the entire team. My experience was truly remarkable.” – T.G.

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