“Everyone I met at Georgia Eye Partners was extremely professional and courteous. I was treated with the utmost respect and care and I truly felt that my health was the primary focus. In these difficult times it is rare to find a practice where the first priority is so clearly the care of the patients…  read more


“Thank you for the miraculous and wonderful gift of vision! I’ve never experienced better or more attentive medical care.” -B.B.


“My experience with Dr. Feinberg and his staff at Georgia Eye Partners was flawless from start to finish,” said Harris. “They were helpful, informative, and supportive throughout the entire process. As a professional athlete and someone who was dealing with an astigmatism in my right eye, this surgery was an extremely big decision. I felt…  read more


“I wore glasses and contacts for 22 years. Not only was my vision still impaired, but the maintenance of glasses and contacts was difficult for someone like me who’s outside a lot and on the road frequently. Even with long wear contacts I was ending up leaving them in longer than I should have, getting…  read more


“The hassle of wearing eyeglasses and contacts is a lifestyle of my past. Growing up with eye sight issues, it was my only option to be able to drive, study and play baseball. The glasses and contacts routine was an ongoing chore for over 10 years. While it was an annoyance, I was constantly dealing…  read more


“I recently had cataract surgery with CrystaLens implants in both eyes at Georgia Eye Partners. I evaluated eye surgeons for almost a year before finding Dr. Andrew Feinberg and Georgia Eye Partners. I was impressed from the moment I walked into the Midtown office. The receptionist was friendly and polite. I waited less than 15…  read more


“I couldn’t be happier with my decision to have my cataracts corrected by Dr. Gabianelli. After years of playing golf and not being able to see the ball I now have clear vision which has improved my golf game. So clear in fact, that three weeks after my surgery I even had a hole in…  read more


“I cannot stress enough how pleased I am with the results of my surgery. My vision is now amazing, which is so much better than I had hoped for or anticipated. Dr. Gabianelli is a true expert, and I highly and unequivocally recommend his services to anyone experiencing poor vision due to cataracts. I am…  read more


“Special thanks to Dr. Gabianelli for saving my eyesight. It’s 10yrs ago today (Feb 8, 2002) that I got into a horrible car accident on I-85. My airbag deployed & hit me in my left eye. I lost my sight for 2 days, got scarred & went to St. Joe’s E.R., that’s where I met…  read more


“Only two days since surgery and there is such light and color and clarity in my world!  Dr. Gabianelli, your staff was wonderful.  Thank you so much for everything.” – B.G.

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