“Thank you for your patience in us getting this information to your office. We have really appreciated the successful results of our mom’s cataract removal procedure, as well as the care she has received in follow-up with Dr. Eads and…  read more


“The last week since my first surgery has been nothing less than miraculous. MY left eye is wonderful. I could read at 20/16 just after the patch was removed. I want to thank you Dr. Feinberg for your wonderful work…  read more


“Dr. Feinberg: Just wanted to say that the kindness and professionalism of you and your staff helped to make my eye surgery a success. I am confident in your knowledge and skills as a physician.” -G.B.


“Dr. Khator: Your kindness has been of great assistance to my family and me, while improving the quality of health to me.” -I.E.


“Dr. Gabianelli: Thank you so much for your wonderful work on my eyes last Friday. I am able to see so clearly, and suffered almost no side effects, it’s a wonder I did not visit you sooner. You have really…  read more


“…this eye procedure has changed my life. I’ve been wanting this for so long and thanks to you, one of my wishes came true.” -K


“Thank you so much for your patience with me and providing me with 1st class care. I’m extremely happy with the service you provided to me. I’m happy with the decision that I made and your caring staff members that…  read more


“Everyone I met at Georgia Eye Partners was extremely professional and courteous. I was treated with the utmost respect and care and I truly felt that my health was the primary focus. In these difficult times it is rare to…  read more


“Thank you for the miraculous and wonderful gift of vision! I’ve never experienced better or more attentive medical care.” -B.B.

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