“I couldn’t be happier with my decision to have my cataracts corrected by Dr. Gabianelli. After years of playing golf and not being able to see the ball I now have clear vision which has improved my golf game. So clear in fact, that three weeks after my surgery I even had a hole in one without using any contacts or glasses! I elected to have the Restor implants in each eye and I now see clear enough to play golf, read, drive and enjoy life without glasses.” – B.S.


“I cannot stress enough how pleased I am with the results of my surgery. My vision is now amazing, which is so much better than I had hoped for or anticipated. Dr. Gabianelli is a true expert, and I highly and unequivocally recommend his services to anyone experiencing poor vision due to cataracts. I am an avid golfer and I actually had a hole in one after having cataract surgery by Dr. Gabianelli at Georgia Eye Partners. Thanks a million!” – J.T.


“Special thanks to Dr. Gabianelli for saving my eyesight. It’s 10yrs ago today (Feb 8, 2002) that I got into a horrible car accident on I-85. My airbag deployed & hit me in my left eye. I lost my sight for 2 days, got scarred & went to St. Joe’s E.R., that’s where I met Dr. G. He brought me & my parents over to his office that Sunday afternoon to examine my eye & set me up with eye drops. My vision improved each day, and within one wk I had full vision back, no retina detachment, glacoma, or cataract. I was blessed to not have to undergo eye surgery. He was able to clear the hyphema, and avoid the danger of surgery under this condition. Naturally, I went through lots of emotional trauma as well. Dr. G was so supportive. I could always call him whenever I had questions or concerns. He was always there for me. I can never thank him enough for what he’s done. I was just in for my annual exam, and my eyes are doing GREAT! Thank you Dr. G”   – C.S.


“Only two days since surgery and there is such light and color and clarity in my world!  Dr. Gabianelli, your staff was wonderful.  Thank you so much for everything.” – B.G.


“Barbara, I want to thank you so very much for your kindness – I am most appreciative and grateful for your thoughtfulness.  The doctor’s absolutely “got it right”, when they hired you for their surgical coordinator!!! – G.M.


“Barbara, Thank you doesn’t even begin to say how much we appreciate all you did to get the surgery scheduled.  We are so fortunate for your diligence and understanding during this stressful time.  Thank you.” – J.C.


“Dr. Khator, I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my eye.  During the panic (days before my wedding), your great bedside manner was invaluable.  With the steroids you prescribed, my eye looked flawless on my wedding day!  Thank you!  – D.S.


“Lynne, Just wanted to say that I am grateful for all your help in getting my second cataract removed in June.  This clown in smiling because I am so glad to have both eyes done.  Thank you so much.”  – P.S.


“Dr. Khator, I want to thank you again for your surgical procedure and follow up after my tube shunt surgery.  As I told you I kept a log of the days I was suffering with glaucoma pain which was at about the 60+ level.  It was a stressful time for me with many apprehensions.  Anyway, I appreciate your skills and assurances during the time I was under your care.  My very best wishes and thanks.”  – C.T.


“Dr. Feinberg,  Thank you for the courtesy you and your staff extended during our visit today.  The patience and kindness of you and your staff while treating Grandmother for lens is very much appreciated.” – M.J.


“Dr. Feinberg,  Thank you so much and may God always bless you.  This world and my world in particular, are so much better because you’re in it.  Thank you again” – T.M.


“Dr. Price, Thank you so much for spending time with me and understanding my concerns.  I love my results and couldn’t be happier!!  I will be referring all of my girlfriends to you!” – K.B.

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