“I recently underwent a corneal transplant in my left eye with Georgia Eye Partners. I have struggled with a condition called Keratoconus since my youth, and I thought my condition was hopeless. As the years passed I married, had children, and continued to live my life accepting that my vision could not be improved with glasses or contact lenses. I could only see large objects and was unable to identify facial features from afar. I wasn’t able to drive, and my husband had to take care of all of my household chores.

Now after surgery with Dr. Andrew Feinberg, I drive and am able to take care of all of my needs. At first I was very afraid and nervous to have the surgery done, but Dr. Feinberg explained everything to me, and I was able to relax.

Today I am so happy because my improved vision has given me back my independence. I am so thankful to Dr. Feinberg and his team and would recommend them to anyone suffering with this disease.” -Gale T.

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