“Special thanks to Dr. Gabianelli for saving my eyesight. It’s 10yrs ago today (Feb 8, 2002) that I got into a horrible car accident on I-85. My airbag deployed & hit me in my left eye. I lost my sight for 2 days, got scarred & went to St. Joe’s E.R., that’s where I met Dr. G. He brought me & my parents over to his office that Sunday afternoon to examine my eye & set me up with eye drops. My vision improved each day, and within one wk I had full vision back, no retina detachment, glacoma, or cataract. I was blessed to not have to undergo eye surgery. He was able to clear the hyphema, and avoid the danger of surgery under this condition. Naturally, I went through lots of emotional trauma as well. Dr. G was so supportive. I could always call him whenever I had questions or concerns. He was always there for me. I can never thank him enough for what he’s done. I was just in for my annual exam, and my eyes are doing GREAT! Thank you Dr. G”   – C.S.

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