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Undoubtedly, waking up with clear vision without depending on visual aids like glasses and contact lenses is an incredible feeling. When you don’t need to think about how you’ll see, it makes everything you do much easier.

One of the best ways to claim freedom from visual aids and achieve the clearer vision you want is by having LASIK. There’s no denying that LASIK is the most popular elective procedure you can undergo.

LASIK’s popularity is no accident since it has high rates of success and millions of satisfied patients. Choosing LASIK can mean finally achieving the visual freedom you want.

Since most LASIK patients end up with 20/20 vision or better, there’s an excellent chance you will, too, if you get the procedure! But one thing that can hold potential LASIK candidates back from the procedure is its price.

Although LASIK can have a reputation as unaffordable, this is inaccurate. With no-interest payment plans, getting LASIK can help you stay within your budget and achieve your dreams of visual freedom.

Before making a split decision about LASIK and how it couldn’t be for you, look into different financing options to see how affordable improving your vision could be. You should also know that the value of LASIK goes beyond its cost.

There are things that LASIK can give you that are priceless. Keep reading to find out what you really get with the cost of LASIK and why it’s so worth it!

A Life Without Visual Aids

The number one thing most people want from vision correction procedures like LASIK is freedom from glasses and contact lenses. If you have a refractive error like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism requiring you to wear glasses or contacts, you already know how frustrating these visual aids can be.

Whether it’s your foggy glasses or contacts drying out, your visual aids may not always want to behave when you need them most. For many people, glasses are the first go-to for vision correction.

You may use glasses instead of contact lenses for several reasons. Glasses may be your first option for being able to see.

But they can come with drawbacks. One of these is foggy lenses.

If you go from the outdoors to the indoors and the temperature changes, you may notice your lenses get foggy, causing you to be unable to see for a few minutes. Your lenses can also get smudged and can require constant cleaning so you can see clearly.

Wearing other headgear can be challenging if you’re already wearing glasses. Perhaps the worst part of wearing glasses is that they are extremely easy to lose or break.

If you lose or break your glasses, you’ll need to find a new way to see until you can get a replacement. Breaking your glasses also involves unexpected costs, which may mean spending more money than you’re comfortable with or were prepared to spend.

No More Contact Lenses

But you may prefer wearing contact lenses if you wear your glasses less often. However, contact lenses are not perfect and come with their fair share of frustrations as well.

One drawback is that they can cause irritation, meaning your eyes may feel dry, itchy, or tired after wearing them all day. Contact lenses work because they rest on the surface of your eye to improve your vision, which can affect how much oxygen reaches the rest of your eyes.

Another thing that contact lens wearers may also experience is that their contacts can fall out of their eyes, especially if they are too dry or have them in too long. Losing a contact lens is incredibly frustrating and requires a good eye to locate them.

However, you need to keep a spare pair of contacts on hand for these situations because you can’t put your contacts back in after losing one on the floor. If you’re tired of having to plan for the what-ifs surrounding your glasses and contacts, it’s time to seriously consider a procedure like LASIK.

Imagine a life without all these little annoyances. With LASIK, that dream can be a reality.

You’ll have visual freedom and can see without visual aids. You’ll eliminate unnecessary stress from your life, leaving you with the kind of vision that most people only dream about.

Incredible Vision

Yes, LASIK provides you with freedom from glasses and contact lenses, but it does so much more than that! Part of LASIK’s immense success since receiving FDA approval over 20 years ago lies in the fact that the procedure corrects your vision beyond your original prescription.

That means LASIK patients can see far better than they were ever capable of when they had to rely on wearing glasses or contact lenses! After you get LASIK, you’ll be able to see the world in high definition.

Everything will look sharp and clear. LASIK patients tend to have much better depth perception, too. Many patients even report that colors look more vibrant after having LASIK!

When you have LASIK, you’ll be able to see the world’s beauty like never before. There’s no limit to what you can do with your incredible vision, meaning you can live your best life while enjoying better vision.

More Time

When you eliminate the need for contact lenses and glasses, you’re reducing daily annoyances and giving yourself back a great deal of your precious time. Think about how much time you spend fussing with your visual aids, from cleaning your glasses to putting in contacts in the morning to taking them out before you go to bed in the evening.

It may only be a few minutes daily, but that time adds up! You may average ten minutes weekly taking care of your visual aids.

During that time, you may put in your contact lenses and take them out as needed, adjust your glasses, and ensure you haven’t lost a contact lens.

That may not seem like much time, but you spend more than an hour making sure you can see in a week. Think about all you could do with an extra hour every week.

When you no longer have to spend this time focusing on your visual aids, you’ll live a more well-balanced life. This is just one of the many incredible things that LASIK can give you.

More Energy

Having extra time can give you an energy boost. You may even find you can get more sleep!

However, eliminating the need for visual aids can also energize you in other ways. Without worrying about your glasses or contacts, you’ll find that various activities suddenly become a lot more manageable.

Want to get into a morning fitness routine? It’ll be much easier to stick with if you don’t have to put in your contacts so early in the morning that they sting or constantly need to push your glasses up when they slide down your nose while exercising.

Doing less to see will give you more energy to do what you’ve always wanted. When you can see better after having LASIK, you’ll feel more energized by the world, making everything feel like a piece of cake!


Between all the ways LASIK can enhance your life, you may feel inspired to do more. You can feel more confident in yourself and your abilities because you’ll be able to do more and see better.

Getting LASIK can also help you excel in all kinds of careers. LASIK is especially popular with pilots and professional athletes, but the vision correction procedure can give you a leg up against your competition if you’re in the arts or design. No matter what your career is, LASIK can enhance it by enabling you to be more independent and see better than ever before.

You can get the motivation you need from LASIK to make significant changes in your life, from getting a promotion to switching careers to even taking the next step in a romantic relationship! After all, inspiration can do so much more than enhance your professional life.

After LASIK, you’ll have a new confidence that will change your life and attitude. If you need a boost, start with improving your vision!

A Lifetime of Savings

All the things that LASIK can help you achieve are priceless, but the procedure can also help you financially. It may seem hard to believe that LASIK can save you money, but it does in the long run over time.

That’s because when you get LASIK, it’s permanent. LASIK patients can look forward to years and even decades of clear, unassisted vision.

Getting LASIK also means you can cut the cost of glasses and contact lenses out of your life! Think about how much you spend on visual aids annually.

With LASIK, you’ll no longer have to spend your money on contacts, glasses, or other visual aids you once needed. Instead, you’ll save the money you spent on visual aids.

LASIK pays for itself, usually after two years, if you use financing to pay for the procedure. But it also pays for itself when you consider all the incredible ways it can improve your life.

Want to know if LASIK is right for you? Contact Georgia Eye Partners in Atlanta, GA, today to schedule your LASIK consultation! Why wouldn’t you want to discover if you could improve your life and achieve life-changing vision?