“I wore glasses and contacts for 22 years. Not only was my vision still impaired, but the maintenance of glasses and contacts was difficult for someone like me who’s outside a lot and on the road frequently. Even with long wear contacts I was ending up leaving them in longer than I should have, getting infections, horrible dryness, and general irritation. I can attest that guys, especially, are just not good at this!

I am glad that my optometrist, Dr. Laura Depoe, referred me to Dr. Gabianelli at Georgia Eye Partners. I was always curious about the procedure, but very hesitant because of the importance of my eyes in my career as a baseball player. When I spoke with Dr. Gabianelli, he explained everything to me and helped me feel at ease. When I learned that he had performed thousands of these procedures and I understood his experience, I knew I was in good hands.

Before the surgery I was seeing 20/20 with contacts. Now I see 20/15 with no aid – this is better than my vision has ever been. Not having to deal with contacts, glasses, dryness, irritation, and eye strain is a huge relief. It’s changed my life.

And, the recovery time was much shorter than I even realized. Immediately after the procedure, I opened my eyes and Dr. Gabianelli said “Kyle, look at the clock on the wall and tell me what time it is,” and I was shocked that I was able to – never before had I been able to see at that distance without glasses or contacts.

I think most people with glasses don’t even know what they’re missing. It’s hard to even grasp the clarity of vision you were missing out on when you’ve gone your whole life without it. For me, Lasik was definitely worth it – I put my career on the line when I elected to have surgery on my eyes, and the payoff ended up being huge.”—Kyle Davies

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